This page contains all of the following resources for each class meeting:

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I Models of Markets Reading Class Slides Assignment
1.1 Introduction and Overview
1.2 Technology and Costs
1.3 Perfect Competition I: Short Run
1.4 Perfect Competition II: Long Run
1.5 Monopoly I: Behavior
1.6 Monopoly II: Consequences
1.7 Monopoly III: Pricing
Discussion 1: Monopoly
1.8 Factor Markets
Problem Set 1 due Thurs Feb 27
1.9 Imperfect Competition
II Competition Reading Class Slides Assignment
2.1 Bertrand Competition
2.2 Cournot Competition
2.3 Stackelberg Competition
Transition to Online Courses (Please read)
2.4 Sequential Games
2.5 Contestability & Entrepreneurship
Problem Set 2 due Sunday April 5
Midterm Exam due 8 PM Sat Apr. 11
III Theory of the Firm Reading Class Slides Assignment
3.1 Why Are There Firms?
3.2 The Firm as Nexus of Contracts
3.3 Asset Specificity and Vertical Integration
3.4 Contractual Restraints & Property Rights
Applications Reading Class Slides Assignment
4.1 Measuring Market Power
4.2 Antitrust I: The Law
4.3 Antitrust II: The Paradox
4.4 Antitrust III: Big Tech & Hipster Antitrust
4.5 Natural Monopoly Regulation
Problem Set 3 due Friday May 1
Final Exam (take home)