3.1 Why Are There Firms?


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Quarantine Lecture 3


Today we start looking at what is known in economics as “the theory of the firm.” We begin with asking the question, “if markets are so great, why are there firms?” We look at Adam Smith’s idea of the division of labor, and when specialization makes sense. Then we look at Coase’s key contribution - that firms exist because there are transaction costs of using markets. We wrap up with Stigler’s relation of the division of labor to the life cycle of industries.

For the next few classes, we will look at other aspects of the theory of the firm, and address why firms look and behave the way they do, by understanding the economic problems that organizations try to solve.


See today’s readings which may help you understand the concepts, and which are the primary source of what I discuss today.

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