2.5 Contestability & Entrepreneurship


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine Lecture 2


Today we wrap up Unit 2 with a brief final application of game theory to contestable markets, and then a more literary-inspired discussion of the shortcomings of “perfect competition” as a realistic, policy-relevant model.

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Assignments: Homework 2, Midterm Exam

Homework 2 is posted, and is due via email, on Sunday, April 5, by 11:59PM. The answer key will be posted Monday, April 6.

I will post your Homework 1 grades on Blackboard and the answer key on the original assignment page.

Our midterm exam will be the week of April 6. It will likely be a take home series of questions that you can spend a few days to work on, and will email to me when you complete.